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Q: True or false a distribution of sample means is normally distributed with a mean equal to the population mean and standard deviation equal to the standard error of the mean?
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What will the sampling distribution of the mean be if a population is normally distribution?

Also normally distributed.

Does a population have to be normally distributed in order to use the chi-square distribution?

No, but the approximation is better for normally distributed variables.

What percentage of the normally distributed population lies within the plus or minus one standard deviation of the population mean?


Can the variance of a normally distributed random variable be negative?

No. The variance of any distribution is the sum of the squares of the deviation from the mean. Since the square of the deviation is essentially the square of the absolute value of the deviation, that means the variance is always positive, be the distribution normal, poisson, or other.

What does it mean for a population to be normally distributed?

A Gaussian distribution is the "official" term for the Normal distribution. This is a probability density function, of the exponential family, defined by the two parameters, its mean and variance. A population is said to be normally distributed if the values that a variable of interest can take have a normal or Gaussian distribution within that population.

Is a normally distributed variable needed to have a normally distributed sampling distribution.?

Yes, it is.

What is the formula to convert normal distribution to the standard normal distribution?

If a variable X, is distributed Normally with mean m and standard deviation s thenZ = (X - m)/s has a standard normal distribution.

Why is the central limit theorem an important idea for dealing with a population not normally distributed?

According to the Central Limit Theorem, even if a variable has an underlying distribution which is not Normal, the means of random samples from the population will be normally distributed with the population mean as its mean.

Why do population follow normal distribution?

The form of this question incorportates a false premise. The premise is that the data are normally distributed. Actually, is the sample mean which, under certain circumstances, is normally distributed.

How would you characterize the distribution of scores in a normal distribution?

They are said to be Normally distributed.

When doing a t-test what does normal distributed in population mean?

It means that the random variable of interest is Normally distributed and so the t-distribution is an appropriate distribution for the test rather than just an approximation.

When the population is normally distributed population standard deviation s is unknown and the sample size is n equals 15 the confidence interval for the population mean s is based on the?

The Z test.

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