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There are 5,461,512 such combinations.

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Q: How many 5 digit number combinations from 1 to 60slide1?
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How many combinations are there for a four digit number?


If using 7 single digit numbers how many different combinations can you get?

Number of 7 digit combinations out of the 10 one-digit numbers = 120.

How many 3 digit number combinations can be made from 764?

6 of them.

How many times a three digit number is divisible by 5 in permutations and combinations?

It depends on how many digit you are choosing from.

How many 3 digit combinations are there in 1 to 21?

I am assuming you mean 3-number combinations rather than 3 digit combinations. Otherwise you have to treat 21 as a 2-digit number and equate it to 1-and-2. There are 21C3 combinations = 21*20*19/(3*2*1) = 7980 combinations.

How many two digit combinations for number 1 through 9?


How many combinations of 2 and 3 digit number using 4 and 8?

the answer is = first 2-digit number by using 48= 28,82 and in 3 digit is=282,228,822,822

How many four digit combinations can be made from the number nine example 1 2 3 39?

How many four digit combinations can be made from the number nine? Example, 1+1+2+5=9.

How many 5 digit combos in 30 numbers?

The answer will depend on how many digits there are in each of the 30 numbers. If the 30 numbers are all 6-digit numbers then the answer is NONE! If the 30 numbers are the first 30 counting numbers then there are 126 combinations of five 1-digit numbers, 1764 combinations of three 1-digit numbers and one 2-digit number, and 1710 combinations of one 1-digit number and two 2-digit numbers. That makes a total of 3600 5-digit combinations.

How many 6 digit combinations from a 49 digit universe will contain a particular 3 digit combination?

There are 15180 combinations.

How many combinations are in a 5 digit number where all digits are distinct and nonzero?

There are 126 different 5 digit combinations. Note that the combination 12345 is the same as the combination 45312.

How many two digit number combinations can you get using the number 1234 without repeating a digit?

There are twelve possible solutions using the rule you stated.

How many combinations are there in a seven digit phone number?

There is only one combination. There are many permutations, though.

How many three digit number combinations are there if you can not repeat a number?

there are 10 possibilities for the first spot, 9 for the second, 8 for the third 10x9x8=720 combinations

How many 6 digit combinations are there in 20 numbers?

There are 38760 combinations.

How many 6 number combinations when each digit can be used more tan once?

about 12

How many 4 digit combinations using 0-9 if each number may be used more than once?

10,000 combinations.

How many 2 number combinations are there in the numbers 1 to 9?

There are 9C2 = 9*8/(2*1) = 36 2-digit combinations.

How many 4 digit combinations can be made from 6 digits?

If the 6 digits can be repeated, there are 1296 different combinations. If you cannot repeat digits in the combination there are 360 different combinations. * * * * * No. That is the number of PERMUTATIONS, not COMBINATIONS. If you have 6 different digits, you can make only 15 4-digit combinations from them.

How many 4 digit combanations using the numbers 1-7?

There are 840 4-digit combinations without repeating any digit in the combinations.

How many 6 digit combinations can be made from 0 to 99?

There are 1,120,529,256 combinations.

How many 5 digit combinations are there from 1-20?

There are 1140 five digit combinations between numbers 1 and 20.

How many combinations are there for a 8 digit number 1-8?

Using the eight digits, 1 - 8 ,-- There are 40,320 eight-digit permutations.-- There is 1 eight-digit combination.

How many 3 digit combinations can be made from 0 to 9?

There are 9C3 = 84 combinations.

How many 4 digit combinations can be made from the numbers 0 to 9?

If every number can be used as many times as you like, there are 104 = 10000 different combinations. If each number can only be used once, there are 9!/(9 - 4)! = 5040 combinations.