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x+7y=16 ---------------------------1

3x- 7y=4 ---------------------------2







substitute x = 5 in x+7y=16




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Q: Use elimination to solve the system x plus 7y equals 16 and 3x - 7y equals 4?
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Solve the system of equations using the elimination method negative x plus y equals negative 3 and 3x plus 2y equals 9?

By elimination: x = 3 and y = 0

Solve by the method of elimination 2x plus 3y equals 40 3x plus 2y equals 20?

y=16 x= -4

How do you solve y equals 2x-6 and 3x plus y equals 4 using the elimination method?


How do you solve this problem -3x plus 2y equals 1 in elimination?

The elimination method only works with simultaneous equations, hence another equation is needed here for it to be solvable.

How do you solve 2x plus 2y equals 4 and 4x plus y equals 1?

2x + 2y = 44x + y = 1There are many methods you can use to solve this system of equations (graphing, elimination, substitution, matrices)...but no matter what method you use, you should get x = -1/3 and y = 7/3.

Can you solve the system using elimination 3x plus 9y equals 3?

No. Solving equations in two unknowns requires two independent equations. Since you have only one equation there is no solution.

Which method would be best to solve x plus y equals 13 and -x plus y equals 3?


How do you solve 0.2x plus 4y equals -1 by using Elimination?

You cannot solve one linear equation in two variables. You need two equations that are independent.

Can You Solve 2x plus 3y equals 18 and 2x-3y equals -6 Using The Elimination Method?

Yes and it works out that x = 3 and y = 4

Solve the system 5x equals 2x plus 28x plus 10?


What is the answer to solve by elimination x plus 2y equals 0?

The answer is that it cannot be done. To solve a set of equations in k variables (in this case, 2) you need at least two independent equations.

When p is eliminated in the system 2p plus 5q equals -4 -p -7q equals 11?

Solving by elimination: p = 3 and q = -2