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The diagonal of a 30' x 30' square is: 42.43 feet.

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Q: What is a diagonal of 30' x 30' square?
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What is a diagonal of 30' x 30'?

Pythagoras! Diagonal = sqrt (900 + 900) = 42.43'

12inch x 12 inch square what is the diagonal measurement?

A 12" x 12" square has a diagonal measurement of: 16.97 inches.

What is the diagonal measurement of a 18 x 18 square?

The diagonal measurement of an 18 x 18 square is: 25.46 units.

A square has a diagonal which is 30 inches how long in inches is its side?

A square with a 30-inch diagonal measurement has sides of 21.21 inches in length.

In square diagonal is equal to?

The diagonal of a square = the length of one side x the square root of 2 (approx 1.414)

What is the diagonal of a square whose sides are 46 ft?

The diagonal of a 46' x 46' square is 65.05 feet.

What is the diagonal of a 20ft x 20ft square?

Since a square has right angles, you can use the Pythagorean Theorem to calculate the diagonal. Specifically, the diagonal of a square is equal to the length of a side, multiplied by the square root of 2.

How do you find out the length of a diagonal in a square?

Use Pythagoras. The diagonal, and two sides of the square form a right angled triangle. So if each side of the square is x cm long, the diagonal is x*sqrt(2) cm long.

What is the diagonal measurement of 36 foot by 36 foot square?

The diagonal of a 36 x 36 foot square is 50.91 feet.

How do you find lengths of sides of square when know length of its diagonal?

A square has 4 sides of equal length (say x). The diagonal length = x * (2)^0.5 = 1.414x, from Pythagorus's theorem. So, dividing the diagonal length by the square root of 2 will be the answer.

What is the diagonal measurement of a 600 mm x 600 mm square paver?

The diagonal of the paver is about 848.53mm

What is the diagonal measurement for a square 10' x 16'?

10' x 16' is not a square but a rectangle and the diagonal is square root of (10^2 + 16^2) = square root of (100 + 256) = square root of 356 which is 18.867 feet

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