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Given that x is cross and o is head the possible outcomes would be:









Thence there are 8 possible outcomes. Assumptions: 1) Each coin ends up head or tail (never on its side) 2) The coins are distinctinguishable (maybe a penny dime and quarter). If three identical perfectly balanced pennies are tossed at the same time there are 4 outcomes (all heads or all tails 1/8 of the time each and just one or just 2 heads 3/8 of the time each)

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Q: How many possible outcomes would there be if three coins were tossed once?
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How many possible outcomes would be if three coins were tossed once?

There are eight (8).

How many possible outcomes would there be if three coins were each tossed onces?

Eight of them.

How many possible outcomes would there be if three coins were tossed up three times?

9, you just have to multiply for problems like this

How many outcomes are possible if a six sided cube is tossed three times?

18 outcomes

How many possible outcomes of tossing three coins?

There are 23 = 8 possible outcomes.

What are the possible outcomes if three coins are tossed and die is rolled?

There are 48 possible outcomes and I have no intention of listing them all. They are all of the form CCCD where C = H or T, and D takes the numeric values from 1 to 6.

If there are three coins and each is flipped once how many possible outcomes are there?

There are two outcomes for each coin and three coins; 2 x 2 x 2 = 23 = 8 outcomes.

How many possible outcomes if each coin is flipped once?

We use three coins (quarter, nickel, dime) each are flipped only once. We get 8 possible outcomes (or four outcomes as an alternative).

How many outcomes are possible if you toss n coins?

There are three possibilities, Heads, Tails and stand on edge

When a quarter is tossed four times How many times are exactly three tails tossed?

Out of the 16 possible outcomes for a coin tossed four times, 4 of them result in 3 Tails & 1 Head. They are: TTTH, TTHT, THTT, and HTTT.

How many outcomes are possible of a coin is tossed 3 times?

It depends on the definition of an outcome. If you care about the order of the tosses, <br /> you get 2 possible outcomes per toss. Three tosses give you 2*2*2=8 possible outcomes. If you only care about the final number of heads and tails, there are 4 possible outcomes (3 heads, 2 heads and a tail, a head and two tails, or 3 tails).

How many possible outcomes when tossing 3 coins?

three heads two head, one tails one heads, two tails three tails

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