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A shade circle ontop of a shaded square. ES

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Q: In a pedigree if a mother is represented by a shaded circle and a father is representeed by a shaded square their children can be represented by either shaded or unshaded circles or squares?
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Define the sumbols used in a pedigree a square a circle an unshaded circle a shaded square a horizontal line and a vertical line?

In a pedigree:=a square means male, a circle means female, an unshaded circle means that doesn't have traits and a shaded square means has traits.==the horizontal line describe that they are parents and vertical line describes that they are the offspring of that parents.=

In pedigree a circle represents what?

In a pedigree, a circle typically represents a female individual. The individual's position within the circle (e.g., shaded or unshaded) may convey additional information about their traits or health status.

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What does a scientific pedigree look like?

A scientific pedigree typically shows the academic and professional lineage of a scientist, tracing the mentor-mentee relationships through generations. It often includes information on the scientist's advisors, collaborators, and notable connections within the scientific community. This can provide insights into the scientist's training, influences, and contributions to their field.

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by shading in one box an one unshaded