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There's not enough information to determine that.

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Not necessarily.

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Q: If A is a factor of b is B a factor of C?
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What is the greatest common factor C and B?

The greatest factors of A, B, and C, respectively, are the absolute values of A, B, and C. The greatest common factor of A, B, and C is 1.

What is the factor of a2 plus b2 plus 2ab-c2?

(a+b+c) (a+b-c)

How do you do the divide out common factors?

Suppose you have a fraction in the form a/b and suppose c is a common factor of a and b.c is a factor of a so that a = c*xc is a factor of b so that b = c*ywhere x and y are integers.And so a/b = cx/cy = x/y.The process is as follows:find a common factor, c, of the numerator (a) and the denominator (b).the new numerator is the old numerator divided by the common factor that is, x = a/c;the new denominator is the old denominator divided by the common factor that is, y = b/c;the new fraction is x/y.

What is the difference between factors and prime factors?

A factor of a integer is an integer that divides the second integer into a third integer exactly; i.e. A is a factor of B if B/A is exactly C, where all of A, B and C are integers. A prime factor is a factor as above, but is also a prime number. This means that the only factors of that factor are one and the number itself; i.e. A is a prime factor of B if B/A is exactly C andthe only factors of A are 1 and A.

Factor ab minus 2ac plus b squared minus 2bc?


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Factor 3a plus ab plus 3c plus bc?

a(3+b)+c(3+b) * * * * * This is easy to finish: . . . = (a + c)(3 + b).

Which if the following is a factor b squared plus bc munus 2c squared equals?

(b + 2c)(b - c)

Factor 3ab plus 3ac plus 2b2 plus 2bc?


Factor ac plus ad plus bc plus bd?


How do you factor ab plus bc plus b2 plus ac?

(a + b)(b + c)

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