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First we look at the double-angle identity of cos2x.

We know that:

cos2x = cos^2x - sin^2x

cos2x = [1-sin^2x] - sin^2x.............. (From sin^2x + cos^2x = 1, cos^2x = 1 - sin^2x)


cos2x = 1 - 2sin^2x

2sin^2x = 1 - cos2x

sin^2x = 1/2(1-cos2x)

sin^2x = 1/2 - cos2x/2

And intergrating, we get:

x/2 - sin2x/4 + c...................(Integral of cos2x = 1/2sin2x; and c is a constant)

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Q: Integral of sin squared x
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Integral of sine squared x?


Integral of 1 divided by sinx cosx?

Integral of [1/(sin x cos x) dx] (substitute sin2 x + cos2 x for 1)= Integral of [(sin2 x + cos2 x)/(sin x cos x) dx]= Integral of [sin2 x/(sin x cos x) dx] + Integral of [cos2 x/(sin x cos x) dx]= Integral of (sin x/cos x dx) + Integral of (cos x/sin x dx)= Integral of tan x dx + Integral of cot x dx= ln |sec x| + ln |sin x| + C

Why sin integral is cos?

sin integral is -cos This is so because the derivative of cos x = -sin x

What is sin squared x minus cos squared x?

Sin squared, cos removed the x in the equation.

What is sine squared?

Answer 1 Put simply, sine squared is sinX x sinX. However, sine is a function, so the real question must be 'what is sinx squared' or 'what is sin squared x': 'Sin(x) squared' would be sin(x^2), i.e. the 'x' is squared before performing the function sin. 'Sin squared x' would be sin^2(x) i.e. sin squared times sin squared: sin(x) x sin(x). This can also be written as (sinx)^2 but means exactly the same. Answer 2 Sine squared is sin^2(x). If the power was placed like this sin(x)^2, then the X is what is being squared. If it's sin^2(x) it's telling you they want sin(x) times sin(x).

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integral of radical sinx

What is the integral of the sine of x divided by the cosine squared of x with respect to x?

∫ sin(x)/cos2(x) dx = sec(x) + C C is the constant of integration.

What is the integral of sin x?

-cos x + Constant

Is 2 sin squared x the same as 2 sin x?


Cos x sin x integral?

sin2x + c

Integral of x cosx dx?

The integral of x cos(x) dx is cos(x) + x sin(x) + C

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