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131.82 miles per hour.

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Q: If a train travels 725 miles in 5.5 hours what is the speed?
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If a train travels 725 miles in 5.5 hours what is it's speed?

39 miles

How fast is a train going if it travels 496 miles in 8 hours?

Divide 496 by 8. That will give you the speed in miles per hour.

A bus travels 135 miles in 3 hours and a train travels 315 miles in 5 hours Find the ratio of their speeds?

1.4:1 in favor of the train.

If a train travels 200 miles in 2.5 hours what is the rate of speed?

80 miles per hour. All you have to do is divide 200 by 2.5.

What is the volocity og a train that travels 100 miles west in 2 hours?

speed = distance/time = 100mi/2h = 50mi/h

If a train travels 340 miles in 2hours what is the trains speed?

170 miles per hour

A train travels west 1020 miles in twelve hours what is the trains speed?

the trains speed is 85 miles an hour the answer is very simply the only thing that you need to do is divide 1020 by 12 and you get 85

The speed of train A is 18 mph slower than the speed of train if Train A travels 220 miles in the same time it takes train B to travel 310 miles what is the speed of each train?

'A' is slower. 'B' is faster. 'A' covers 220 miles, while 'B' covers 310 miles. 'B' gained 90 miles on 'A'. Since 'B' gains 18 miles on 'A' in each hour, it took (90/18) = 5 hours for 'B' to gain 90 miles on 'A', so both stated distances were covered in 5 hours. Speed of 'A' = 220/5 = 44 Speed of 'B' = A+18 = 310/5 = 62

A train travels 80 miles per hour A plane travels 200 miles per hour How many hours longer will it take the train to travel 1600 miles than it will take the plane?

1600 / 80 = 20 hours by train 1600 / 200 = 8 hours by plane it will take 20 - 8 = 12 hours more by train

A train travels at 40mph far will te train travel in 3 and a half hours?

140 miles

If a train travels for 4 5 hours at a rate of 40 mph what is the distance the train will travel?

Just multiply the 45 hours by the speed.

A Japanese bullet train travels 400 miles in 5 hours. find the speed in miles per hour.?

Watch closely, and take notes:400/5 = 80 miles per hour.? ? ?