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If tan theta equals 2, then the sides of the triangle could be -2, -1, and square root of 5 (I used the Pythagorean Theorem to get this). From this, sec theta is negative square root of 5. It is negative because theta is in the third quadrant, where cosine, secant, sine, and cosecant are all negative.

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It is -0.5*sqrt(5) = -1.1180 approx.

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Q: What is sec theta if tan theta equals 2 with theta in quadrant 3?
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Sec squared theta plus tan squared theta equals to 13 12 and sec raised to 4 theta minus tan raised to 4 theta equals to how much?

It also equals 13 12.

If sin theta equals 3/4 and theta is in quadrant II what is the value of tan theta?


If tan Theta equals 2 with Theta in Quadrant 3 find cot Theta?

Cotan(theta) is the reciprocal of the tan(theta). So, cot(theta) = 1/2.

What is whole under root of sec theta - 1 over sec theta 1?

Ut is equual to tan(theta) / (sec(theta) + 1)

What is sec squared theta times cos squared theta minus tan squared theta?


If costheta equals frac2sqrt6 in Quadrant 1 then find tantheta?

tan theta = sqrt(2)/2 = 1/sqrt(2).

Tan theta plus cot theta equals 2csc2 theta?

Yes, it is.

Can sine theta equals tan theta equals theta be equal for small angels?

Yes. (Theta in radians, and then approximately, not exactly.)

What is theta when tantheta plus sectheta equals 1 please show work?

copy this and paste in your browsers address window

What is sec theta - 1 over sec theta?

Let 'theta' = A [as 'A' is easier to type] sec A - 1/(sec A) = 1/(cos A) - cos A = (1 - cos^2 A)/(cos A) = (sin^2 A)/(cos A) = (tan A)*(sin A) Then you can swap back the 'A' with theta

How do you get the csc theta given tan theta in quadrant 1?

If tan(theta) = x then sin(theta) = x/(sqrt(x2 + 1) so that csc(theta) = [(sqrt(x2 + 1)]/x = sqrt(1 + 1/x2)

Tan equals 0.3421 sin equals 0.3237 Which quadrant does it terminate?

The value of tan and sin is positive so you must search quadrant that tan and sin value is positive. The only quadrant fill that qualification is Quadrant 1.

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