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(/) = theta

sin 2(/) = 2sin(/)cos(/)

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Q: How do you finish the equation sin 2 theta?
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What is sin theta cos theta?

It's 1/2 of sin(2 theta) .

How do you solve 2 sin squared theta equals one fourth?

2 sin^2 theta = 1/4 sin^2 theta = 1/8 sin theta = sqrt(1/8) theta = arcsin(sqrt(1/8))

What does 2sin squared theta equal and why?

It is 2*sin(theta)*sin(theta) because that is how multiplication is defined!

What is the sin theta of 30 degrees?

Sin theta of 30 degrees is1/2

How do you convert this polar equation r2 sin 2 theta equals 8 to cartesian form?

It's possible

Why is 2 sin theta cos theta equal to sin 2theta?

because sin(2x) = 2sin(x)cos(x)

What is the value of theta if 4sin theta is equal to 2?

4 sin(theta) = 2 => sin(theta) = 2/4 = 0.5. Therefore theta = 30 + k*360 degrees or 150 + k*360 degrees where k is any integer.

What does the Sin of theta equal to if half of the sin of theta. what are the values of theta?

[]=theta 1. sin[]=0.5sin[] Subtract 0.5sin[] from both sides.2. 0.5sin[]=0. Divide both sides by 0.5.3. Sin[] =0.[]=0 or pi (radians)

How do you solve sin2 theta if sin theta equals 3 over 5 and theta is in the first quadrant?

If sin (theta) is 3/5, then sin2 (theta) is (3/5)2, or 9/25.

If costheta -.444 with theta in quadrant 2 find sintheta?

Since theta is in the second quadrant, sin(theta) is positive. sin2(theta) = 1 - cos2(theta) = 0.803 So sin(theta) = +sqrt(0.803) = 0.896.

Find theta if theta is 0 deg theta 360 deg and 2 sin theta plus 1 equals 0?

2 sin (Θ) + 1 = 0sin (Θ) = -1/2Θ = 210°Θ = 330°

What is sin theta minus 2?

It is a mathematical expression.

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