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Let 'theta' = A [as 'A' is easier to type]

sec A - 1/(sec A)

= 1/(cos A) - cos A

= (1 - cos^2 A)/(cos A)

= (sin^2 A)/(cos A)

= (tan A)*(sin A)

Then you can swap back the 'A' with theta

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Q: What is sec theta - 1 over sec theta?
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What is whole under root of sec theta - 1 over sec theta 1?

Ut is equual to tan(theta) / (sec(theta) + 1)

What is sec theta - 1 over cos theta?


What is the equivalent of sine theta over secant theta?

For such simplifications, it is usually convenient to convert any trigonometric function that is not sine or cosine, into sine or cosine. In this case, you have: sin theta / sec theta = sin theta / (1/cos theta) = sin theta cos theta.

Should we find cos theta if sec theta equals -10?


How do i simplify csc theta divided by sec theta?

By converting cosecants and secants to the equivalent sine and cosine functions. For example, csc theta is the same as 1 / sin thetha.

What is sec squared theta times cos squared theta minus tan squared theta?


Sec squared theta plus tan squared theta equals to 13 12 and sec raised to 4 theta minus tan raised to 4 theta equals to how much?

It also equals 13 12.

H ow do you verify that csc theta tan theta sec theta?

csc[]tan[] = sec[]. L: Change csc[] into one over sin[]. Change tan[] into sin[] over cos[]. R: Change sec[] into one over cos[]. 1/sin[] times sin[]/cos[] = 1/cos[]. L: To multiply 2 fractions, multiply the numerators, and multiply the denominators, and put the numerators' product over the denominators' product. R: Nothing more to do. sin[]/sin[]cos[] = 1/cos[]. L: You have a sin[] on both top and bottom. Cross them off to get a one on the top. 1/cos[] = 1/cos[]. Done. [] is theta. L is the left side of the equation. R is the right side.

What is sec theta if tan theta equals 2 with theta in quadrant 3?

If tan theta equals 2, then the sides of the triangle could be -2, -1, and square root of 5 (I used the Pythagorean Theorem to get this). From this, sec theta is negative square root of 5. It is negative because theta is in the third quadrant, where cosine, secant, sine, and cosecant are all negative.

What is theta when tantheta plus sectheta equals 1 please show work?

copy this and paste in your browsers address window

What is sec squared theta minus tan squared theta?

1 - sin2(q) = cos2(q)dividing through by cos2(q),sec2(q) - tan2(q) = 1

What is the mathematical proof of sine theta over theta is equal to 1?

There is none because it is not true.

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