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y = (x^2)(sin x)(2x)(cos x) - 2sin x

y' = [[(x^2)(sin x)][(2x)(cos x)]]' - (2sin x)'

y' = [[(x^2)(sin x)]'[(2x)(cos x)] + [(2x)(cos x)]'[(x^2)(sin x)]]- (2sin x)'

y' = [[(x^2)'(sin x) + (sin x)'(x^2)][(2x)(cos x)] + [(2x)'(cos x) + (cos x)'(2x)][(x^2)(sin x)] ] - 2(cos x)

y' = [[(2x)(sin x )+ (cos x)(x^2)][(2x)(cos x)] + [2cos x - (sin x)(2x)][(x^2)(sin x)]] - 2(cos x)

y' = (4x^2)(sin x cos x) + (2x^3)(cos x)^2 + (2x^2)(sin x cos x) - (2x^3)(sin x)^2 - 2cos x

y' = (6x^2)(sin x cos x) + (2x^3)(cos x)^2 - (2x^3)(sin x)^2 - 2cos x (if you want, you can stop here, or you can continue)

y' = (3x^2)(2sin x cos x) + (2x^3)[(cos x)^2 - (sin x)^2] - 2cos x

y' = (3x^2)(sin 2x) + (2x^3)(cos 2x) - 2 cos x

y' = (2x^3)(cos 2x) + (3x^2)(sin 2x) - 2 cos x

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Q: Find the derivative of y x2 sin x 2xcos x - 2sin x?
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What is the derivative of sin under root theta?

The derivative of (sin (theta))^.5 is (cos(theta))/(2sin(theta))

What is the derivative of -2sin x?

The derivative of sin(x) is cos(x). Coefficients act like constants and always remain in derivatives. So, the derivative is -2cos(x).

Derivative of 1 plus cos2x?

First find the derivative of each term. The derivative of any constant is zero, so d(1)/dx=0. To find the derivative of cos2x, use the chain rule. d(cos2x)/dx=-sin(2x)(2)=-2sin(2x) So the answer is 0-2sinx, or simply -2sinx

How do you finish the equation sin 2 theta?

(/) = theta sin 2(/) = 2sin(/)cos(/)

What is the second derivative of y equals 2sinx cosx?

y = 2sin(x)cos(x)Use the product rule: uv' + vu' where u is 2sin(x) and v is cos(x) to find first derivative:y' = 2sin(x)(-sin(x)) + cos(x)2cos(x)Simplify:y' = 2cos2(x)-2sin2(x)y' = 2(cos2(x)-sin2(x))Use trig identity cos(2x) = cos2(x)-sin2(x):y' = 2cos(2x)Take second derivative using chain rule:y'' = 2(-sin(2x)cos(2x))Simplify:y'' = -2sin(2x)(2)Simplify:y'' = -4sin(2x)y'' = -4sin(2x)

Find derivative of sinx using first principle?

The derivative of sin(x) is cos(x).

How do you differentiate 9 to the power sin squared x sorry I wasn't allowed to use mathematical notation when asking?

derivative of 9[sin(x)]^2 is found by first letting u(x)=[sin(x)]^2. Note that sin2x = [sin(x)]^2, and the ^2 means raising the base to the exponent 2. Find the d(9u(x))/dx using the chain rule. d( 9u(x) )/dx = (d(9u)/du)(du/dx ) , by the chain rule. So we need: d(9u)/du = 9ulog(9) du/dx = d( [sin(x)]^2 )/dx = 2sin(x) d( sin(x) )/dx = 2sin(x)cos(x) Puttin this together gives: d( 9u(x) )/dx = 9u(log(9)) 2sin(x)cos(x) Now substitute in u(x) = [sin(x)]^2. d( 9u(x) )/dx = 9[sin(x)]^2(log(9)) 2sin(x)cos(x) = 2 log(9) 9[sin(x)]^2sin(x)cos(x) or = log(9) 9[sin(x)]^2sin(2x)

What is the 87th derivative of sin x?

Every fourth derivative, you get back to "sin x" - in other words, the 84th derivative of "sin x" is also "sin x". From there, you need to take the derivative 3 more times, getting:85th derivative: cos x86th derivative: -sin x87th derivative: -cos x

What does 2sin squared theta equal and why?

It is 2*sin(theta)*sin(theta) because that is how multiplication is defined!

Why is 2 sin theta cos theta equal to sin 2theta?

because sin(2x) = 2sin(x)cos(x)

Find the second derivative of y equals sin sqaured x?

y = sin2(x) y' = 2sin(x)cos(x) y'' = 2 [ cos(x)cos(x) + sin(x)(-sin(x)) ] = 2 [ cos2(x) - sin2(x) ] = 2 [ 1 - sin2(x) - sin2(x) ] = 2 [ 1 - 2sin2(x) ]

Derivative of cosx?

The derivative of cos(x) is negative sin(x). Also, the derivative of sin(x) is cos(x).

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